who and what is jon frum?

jon frum is a an active cargo cult on the island of tanna in vanuatu in the south pacifc. jon frum is also the name of the messenger of this movement; who on his return, will provide it's believers with promised goods, or cargo ...

... while in the western world, volumes of text and research have been spent on the aspects of cargo cults, the details to what the jon frum movement is about in detail is limited. the primary reason for this is that the beliefs are not written, but passed by word-of-mouth. localised to villages on the island of tanna. it's history thus is not structured, but an interpretation of different individuals.

the cargo cult coined jon frum, seems to have developed in the 1930s and was further reinforced by the direct events of world war two. as well it was well documented from this time onward by sources outside of the resident believers, much opinion and theory has been added in that time, far beyond the core of those ni-vanuatu living on tanna.

the concept of the cargo cult today has risen to the level of a modern pop-icon. there is a strong desire in human nature which draws an attraction to the cargo mythos. ancient tannese legends show the obvious seeds of where the ideas of jon frum came from. world-over, the comparision of myths and folklore, globally show that human nature tends to repeat the same ideas, despite the location or culture ... so the concept of cargo is in itself simple, yet culturally attractive. anthropologists have given us case studies of the result of acculturation and cultural diffusion, how a more complex culture introduced to a a simpler culture can directly effect it's beliefs. cargo cults are well studied because they give direct evidence of this.

this formula can be projected even further when one puts their current status into the simpler cultural niche, it is remarkable how the meme cargo can be applied to our own ideas and beliefs.