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Artificial Lawn in Auckland - Why Hire Them?

Artificial Lawn in Auckland - Why Hire Them?

Using artificial lawn in Auckland is an eco-friendly way to make your backyard look like a park. It can also save you money in the long run because it is easy to maintain. You do not need to water or mow your lawn and it is more resistant to wear and tear. It is also a child and pet friendly option.

Artificial lawn in Auckland is growing in popularity in Auckland. In some residential zones, it is allowed without resource consent, though the city's regulations restrict the use of artificial turf on more than 50% of landscaped land. The Auckland Council is also conducting research on artificial turf in the region. In Western Australia, the government has even carried out environmental studies on the technology, and it has found no adverse effects. It can replace traditional grass in residential areas.

Another benefit to artificial lawn in Auckland is that it is easier to maintain. It will not get waterlogged or deteriorate due to heat and is easy to clean with a hose. Moreover, it is durable and doesn't require mowing or pest control. It is a great investment.

AstroTurf is a name that has been used for artificial grass for many years. However, the technology has moved on. Some of the companies that manufactured AstroTurf have filed for bankruptcy, and its use in astrodomes has made it difficult for the industry to maintain. The current industry mainstream is focusing on other artificial grass products that mimic real grasses. Visit Auckland Fake Grass today at fakegrassauckland.nz for your synthetic grass, artificial putting green, and artificial lawn needs.

While many people prefer to use real grass for outdoor purposes, artificial lawn in Auckland offers several advantages. Unlike real grass, which can suffer from brown spots in the shade, astro turf doesn't require harsh chemical fertilizers. It's also safe for kids and pets and is drought resistant.