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... a selective portfolio consisting of the photography and commercial design of dennis william gaylor, photographer, artist and media designer based in Whanganui, New Zealand. Following in the tradition of CfRT criteria. Offering personal custom service combined with a unique perspective that offers; quality design, bespoke ideas and talent. Internationally autonomous, serving from the literal, dawn of the internet ... providing for my clientle;
unique, specialised results.

My gallery portfolio of designs and photos can be viewed in higher resolution than presented here. All of the small thumbnails link to large resolution files and the full on-line catalogues are accessible in the text links listed in the grey menu-bar directly above this text. Specific work view is always provided upon request ...

street candids

my on-line portfolios

redbubble origins

print-on-demand; photos, illustrations & tee-shirt designs, my original account

redbubble tees

account marketed toward tee-shirt designs and other wearable media

design crowd

crowdsource design market, my account portfolio


photo portfolio focus on street candid, b&w photography


print-on-demand apparel catalogue

zazzle photos

POD photo catalogu

zazzle gear

POD apparel catalogue


online in the form of a PDF

active websites

jon frum home page

my oldest running website, first on-line in 1994. Actively used by universities and schools globally as an anthopology teaching & study resource. JFHP explores the active Cargo Cult on Tanna Island in Vanuatu.

Fiji 4 Less

a long-term web project first developed back in 1998, and right up through to 2015. Fiji4Less provides a variety of bugdet accommodation choices on Fiji's 'Big Island' Viti Levu.

  • aoraki - mt. cook
  • dharma bums - matterhorn peak
  • space ship invasion zapgun jetgirl
  • turismo veloce - tv175
  • farenheit 451
  • cloud of squid
  • BA ZN GA!
  • fort lane - life under clouds
  • vXp - vin the Xtreme penguin
  • enzo progettato
  • diax zero c1949
  • love don't live here anymore
  • pineapple puffer phish [pppfff!!!]
  • cafe racer - agusta 500/4
  • do androids dream electric sheep?
  • eye as a lens - steampunk variations

graphic art links. These thumbnail flip books will open into larger off-site portfolios of selections of my vector and bitmap graphics work. My two main tools of trade are; adobe photoshop and coreldraw. each has it's own strength's and the two work together well. it is also rewarding to incorporate one's photography into such gfx ...

historical website projects

I designed and maintained a large variety of websites in the past. With time and change, many of these are now archived on the Internet WayBackMachine, a chronological database. Old websites don't die on the net, but they do suffer bit-rot over time. The graphics and content can erode over the years ... when you view these old sites remember the WayBack Banners can be closed to clean up the formatting as they tend to knock the look & feel askew ...

When I created the Auckland Central Backpackers [ACB] website in 1996, there were not a lot of other players in NZ online. ACB was a top 10 search destination in indexes and engines, for not just Backpackers, not just travel and accommodation, but for all things Kiwi, Auckland and New Zealand. Consistently, regional searches led to our door. We were first to do a many of the new interweb marketing approaches [in NZ] and it boosted our brand name, as well as the company's growth. By 2005 I couldn't devote enough attention to the website and passed it along as I had new projects and responsibilites.

Auckland Central Backpackers - acb.co.nz c2005

ACB encompassed not only the Auckland hostel, but North & South Is. hostels, NZ travel & adventure tourism operators.

Archival list of CfRT websites c2003 local & global

ACTravel - travelzone.co.nz c2005 Auckland

NZ Job Search c2005 Auckland

Discovery Lodge - dlq.co.nz c2005 Queenstown

Stray Possum Lodge straypossum.co.nz c2003 Great Barrier Island

Pipipatch Lodge - pipi-patch.co.nz c2004 Bay of Islands

StrayTravel NZ - straytravel.co.nz c2002 NZ Backpackers Travel Hub

StrayTravel - straytravel.com c2002 UK/IR/EU Backpackers Travel Hub

NZ Backpackers - nzbackpack.com c2004 Travel & Tourism NZ

Dolphin Explorer - dolphinexplorer.com c2004 Outdoor Adventure Operator

Island Kayaks c2005 Outdoor Adventure Operator

Auckland Adventures c2004 Outdoor Adventure Operator

Steep & Cheap Snowboards - steepandcheap.co.nz c2001

Centabay Lodge - centabay.co.nz c2003 Bay of Islands Accommodation

Kiwi Institute of Training & Education c2016 Auckland

CRUX Toolwatch Dial & Case Designs

CRUX CX-1 CRUX CX-2 backcase CRUX CX-3 CRUX CX-4

As an avid watch collector, I was quite happy when I was comissioned to create 4 different dials and case details including the handsets, bezel and caseback styles. project prototype images are linked here.

Design Crowd is an online graphic marketplace. In modern terms it's about a half a million artists going up against each other in a gladitoral pit of, "the last man standing". As clients pick and choose the best offer. This place is an excellent avenue to spot-check any hubris one may be touting, it is addictive to step into this digital shark tank. But winning a project is similar to the lotto on stats alone: Design Crowd Portfolio Some of my project logos are featured below ...

Divani Chocolatier

DIVANI Chocolatier [tm]

I love to design Logos, Wordmarks, & the related typography. The art of the subtle, concise message. One of my logo design's was made into a trademark that now graces bars of chocolate, not a bad legacy. Divani Chocolatier ™ I went off the brief and created for them,a branding image that they appreciated as much as I did in creating it.

SDM - Vin the xtreme penguin    SDM WRIM logo

SD Miller & Assoc. logos for an extreme military spec sleeping bag system project.

design logo design logo design logo design logo design logo design logo design logo design logo
design logo design logo design logo design logo design logo design logo design logo design logo
BESPOKE - centre for reasonable technology - enzo.gen.nz
Black2Black AMOK logo ENZO retro watch logo KITE rebadge & website run amok run amok AMOK retro surfer
tuatara slow tumble karma consolidated space elevator ltd. vitruvian man roadworks ubiquitous


'vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others'
Jonathan Swift (1667-1745)

I find holding a camera accentuates one's view,from the daily mundane,
translating into a reflection of nuance.
When that creates a moment worth consideration,
it is then that I feel some success.

... it has already been said by someone far more clever, that a snapshot captures a precise moment that is frozen in time for our inspection. While a long exposure creates an event that never existed before ... these are loose boundaries of what a photograph can represent to the artist, or the casual observer, whether they are engaged in it's creation, or viewing the result. Even by these guidelines it's hard to catagorise what is to be expected.
Any style has likely evolved from my own early facination in photography. The concept that a black and white image equates to a photo, while other media exploits colour, is as ingrained as any.

The common flaws inherent in capturing light and motion; blur, grain, shadows, flare, perspective - our eyes do so much better than the tools we use, so in evoking these aspects can broaden our perception. We have yet to digitalise dreams, still, for all the reality we accept in this medium, it is better observed as a simulacrum of the original.
If the photographer's influence wasn't a direct catalyst, then CCTV captures would have long replaced the photographer, at this point GoogleStreetView isn't quite as good as the individual photographer ... this symbiotic blend of the camera and the artist is the formula that creates something anew ...


e-mail: dwg@enzo·gen·nz for queries on products and services.

fan-mail, proposals, donations, loot, samples, &tc.
can be sent to my post box for consideration and appreciation.

dennis william gaylor

po box 1017

whanganui 4541

new zealand

background photo credits. all photos and graphics are © dennis william gaylor, listed top to bottom:
bough down, albert park [infra-red photography long-exposure]
fort street lane [gfx-treated photo]
eye as a lens; steampunk variations [photo, vector & bitmap]
angelus watch movement [vector graphic]
vulcan lane [photo post treatment]
clear blue pool, khartoum steps [photo]

BESPOKE - centre for reasonable technology - enzo.gen.nz